Welcome to Phil's Place, come on in and take a look around. The site contains a few recipes that have been acquired throughout the years, provided by family and friends. Some of the recipes are quite good, most are simple in nature however; a couple require a little time to prepare. You may find something that interests you; if not possibly something you see may spark your creativity.

I will tell you up front I am no Chef; however I do like to cook and enjoy all types of food. I also enjoy tinkering with website construction. Of course to have a website, I think one probably should have a subject or topic to display on the website. So while tinkering and exploring website construction, I decided to throw in a few recipes in there just in case someone stumbles across the site.


Snack foods, bite size pieces or used for a precursor to the main course. Could also use while watching your favorite sporting event or surfing the net. One word of caution regarding surfing while munching, avoid sauce dripping buffalo wings at all cost. I guess if you wanted to impress your friends you could also tell them you will be serving Hors d'oeuvre before the main course of drunk chicken.

Appetizer »


Dishes that are prepared within deep pots, pans or dishes then the item is prepared in the oven, some dishes may be transferred directly from the oven to the table. This is appealing since it means one less item to clean up after the meal. Of course I suppose if n you are entertaining, a strong possibility exists, your "better-half" will insist you transfer it to yet another dish for presentation purposes - whatever!

Casserole »


The age old question, is it a soup or stew. Here you will find each, either or none of the above. Soup usually has smaller sizes of ingredients where as stews have larger cut pieces. Stews may also be thicker in consistency. Chowder may be contained here as well. It has been said before, "I aint no chef". The main thing is, do you like it? If so, do it again, if not, change it till you can at least eat it.

Soup »


Simple yet tasty sandwiches, throw in a bowl of soup and you are set. Chicken and Egg salad sandwiches but have you ever had Ham Pepper & Onion? If you haven't tried it, give it a test drive, you may enjoy it. A simple grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of tomato soup just seems to hit the spot.

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In this area you will find recipes containing three types of meat; Beef, Pork and Poultry. Well at least you would if I could get the "web dude" to take a little time and include some here. Yes I know no mention of fish, I like fish, I like to catch em, not thrilled about cleaning em, but mostly I like em fried.

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AKA: Fat pills, desserts, cookies and cakes. You know all those things that appeal to our taste buds, also the things the doctor tells you every year, to "lay off the sweets", "increase your exercise", we have all heard it before, if it taste good then "it probably aint good for you".

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