This site has a collection of recipes from family and friends. Some time ago I began experimenting and trying to learn a little HTML so I could put together a web site. That went pretty well and I really got into it for a spell, of course it helped a lot that my job, at that time, was not very demanding and that allowed me during my off time to sit and play with and experiment with HTML. Since I wanted to have a website I thought I would use some of the recipes as the content for the site.

I even went as far as to acquire some space and put a couple of web sites out there. Things in life seldom stay the same and face it; without a little change from time to time life could become pretty boring. Time went by work changed and pretty soon I did very little with the development and or the sites on the web.

After a meltdown of my computer and subsequent resurrection of same, I had my interest sparked once again in web site design.

Are you seeing a trend here? The wheel just keeps going round and round. So a website that appears functional on a large computer screen can be a bit challenging to view and navigate on a smaller display. Enter stage left a little something called Twitter Bootstrap, a collection of tools to assist in creating websites, which are functional on larger screens as well as smaller display type devices. I guess to some extent you could say one size fits all.

Anyway I hope you will find a recipe or two you may enjoy.